Silicone - Hydrogel có gì đặc biệt ?

1. Functional color contact lens with exceptional biocompatibility.

It's made with bilological adaptation material used for artificial heart guarantees 100% safety for your eyes.

2. All day moist

Super watrer content and moisturizing ability maintain aqueous film.
Silicone - Hydrogel Lens provides all day moist and comfort in every condition.

3. Protein absorption reduction and bacterial adhesion reduction.

MPC material reduced protein absorption and gives you great comfort.
Bacterial adhesion is restrained which gives eye health protection

  • PC coating test on various materials
  • The blue chart shows PC coating dramatically
  • PC coating test on plastic materials
  • The blue chart shows PC coating prevents bacterial adhesion

4. UV blocking

It's protects your eyes from UV for all the time

5. Dual Layer Coating Technology (DLCT)